Why Order Manager? 

Order manager Conventional Methods
(in person visit, phone, fax, e-mail)
Any time ordering system and multiple time order collection by wholesalers. Order collection once or twice a day.
Orders are managed on computers and smart phones. Printing or hand writing, which is cumbersome and prone to errors.
No rush of supplier staffs at your counter. You can focus on customer service. Somebody has to personally attend to the supplier staffs to mange ordering process.
No duplication of items. There are ample chances of duplication.
Easy to find suppliers for new products. You have to devote additional time and energy to find the supplier.
Minimal out of stock issues. Out of stock is a common problem.
Easy reordering if one supplier fails to supply. The process is really time consuming and may lead to loss of sales.
Easy to search, monitor and manage previously ordered items. A clumsy process to go through all the invoices or old order pages.
Easy to control which supplier gets the priority for which company. Difficult to monitor the process and you might end up buying from a supplier with less discount.