An innovation in pharmaceutical ordering system

What is Order Manager? Order Manager is an internet based 24*7 cloud platform web service to manage and process procurement orders for pharmaceutical retailers. Retailers can manage and post their day-to-day requirements (orders) on this portal and the suppliers can collect the orders. Order manager atomizes the order processing system, frees valuable resources, improves operational efficiency and increases sales revenue and profit

Suppliers: Pharmaceutical wholesalers appoint staffs to visit different retail stores everyday and collect orders. This amounts to lots of man hours, travelling expenses and other miscellaneous expenditures. If one appoints five staffs for collection of order, factually he spends around Rs25,000 every month for collection of orders only. Further, human resource is the most scarce resource in the pharmaceutical wholesale and retail industry. Therefore, Order Manager is an innovative attempt to save the cost incurred for collection of orders and use the available human resource for other value adding activities such as order processing and delivery of goods on time. By adapting Order Manager, you will not only save thousands of rupees every month, but also improve your operations and optimize resource utilization.

Retailers: Out of stock is one of the key challenge faced at chemist outlets. Managing indents or orders or requirements is not only cumbersome but also a time consuming process.Further, the pharmaceutical market is proliferated with hundreds of products every week. Many-a-times it is difficult to find the supplier for the new products. Next, retailers generally contact wholesalers by in person, phone, fax or e-mail. This consumes time and resources but does not ensure that he will be able to procure the products. Further, retailers face problem in locating the right supplier. Many a times they could not reach the supplier holding the stock. They call few wholesaler and end up with no stock if the called suppliers do not have the products. Therefore, Order Manager is a cloud based automation tool to automate the whole ordering process. You can place order online and monitor the progress. Suppliers log in to your portal and accept the order for the products for which they hold stock. This ensures you order goes to the supplier who have the product. You can also control, which supplier gets the priority in collecting the orders. When you use Order Manager, your requirements are on the web round the clock. Thus the supplier who is actually holding the stock can replenish the stock quickly.