How Order Manager Works? As a retailer you place your requirements online. Suppliers login to the portal and take the order for the products for which they hold stock. This ensures your order goes to the supplier who has the product. You can also control, which supplier gets the priority in collecting the orders for which company. Further, if any supplier cancels any order/item it returns back to your list and another supplier can take the order. When you use Order Manager, your requirements are on the web round the clock. Thus the supplier who is actually holding the stock can replenish the stock quickly.


  • Order Manager is compatible with your existing Retail software.
  • Easy entry or upload of order from your existing software to Order Manager
  • All major wholesalers of Bhubaneswar accept orders through Order Manager.

Can we use Order Manager? Practically every retailer (small, mid and large) can use Order Manager and get benefitted from it. Orissa Drug House, Bhubaneswar is successfully using it for last nine months. Only a basic internet connection is required for using Order Manager and no need to change your existing software. It is not a substitute to your existing software. It complements your software and makes ordering process smart and efficient.